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Purchase order financing (or PO funding) provides companies with an inexpensive short-term solution for funding small, medium, large purchase orders or even multiple purchase orders (POs) to produce inventory required to fulfill your customer’s order. PO financing has little or no effect on your company’s cash flow, working capital, or cash reserves, and is a great option for businesses looking for cash to fill single or multiple orders. For many start-up, small- and medium-size businesses, cash flow can be a problem; sometimes there is just not enough money available to cover the costs of operating and growing a business. If a business isn’t growing, its dying. The inability to fulfill an order results in lost revenue and unrealized profits and perhaps even a tarnished reputation for the company. Capital 2 Thrive can help with short-term capital for your long-term success.



A Company’s Dilemma

Does this sound all too familiar?

You receive a small, medium, or large purchase order (PO) or a number of POs from a customer, but you do not have the capital or credit available to purchase the raw materials and/or pay the manufacturers to produce your product. You try to get help from the bank but they are not willing to extend the amount of credit required without liquid collateral. Capital 2 Thrive (C2T) provides the capital to your manufacturers allowing your products to be produced and shipped to customer without using your working capital or cash reserves or selling equity in your business.

C2T provides a variety of creative financial solutions to businesses including purchase order funding. We also work with invoice-factoring and accounts-receivable financing providers in a broad range of industries throughout the US, UK, Canada, and China. C2T works closely with our clients to deliver quick and hassle-free funding to our clients’ suppliers or manufacturers.