Industry expertise

Capital 2 Thrive (C2T) is a partnership of experienced entrepreneurs with a proven record of working with organizations to help them grow while becoming more profitable and successful. We have years of experience discovering opportunities and filling voids within markets. In 1996, C2T partners revolutionized the car-loan industry. The current market capitalization of this company in early 2014 exceeded $7 billion. International distribution experience from acquiring a local construction toy company in 2005. Dealing with manufacturing opportunities in Europe and Asia, the company now sales its toys in over 60+ countries worldwide. Regulatory experience in the pharmaceutical industry working with manufacturers, physicians, retailers, state, federal, and foreign health agencies since 2007. The C2T team also is experienced in the toy, sporting goods, apparel, food & beverage, educational, health and nutrition, confections, household goods, aviation, logistics, packaging, entertainment, transportation, oil and gas, consumer-packaged goods industries.

PO Financing C2T Style

C2T provides a variety of creative financial solutions to businesses including purchase order (PO) funding. We also work with invoice-factoring and accounts-receivable financing providers in a broad range of industries throughout the US, UK, Canada, and China. C2T works closely with our clients to deliver quick and hassle-free funding to our clients’ suppliers or manufacturers.

Why C2T was Created

Way, way back when the toy company received its first large PO for over $1M, it could not find a financial institution willing to lend the capital, even though the retailer was one of the strongest retailers in the world and profit margins for the toys were 56%. They needed $400K to produce this PO, and the only way it was going to get the money from a traditional lender was to put up $400K in a CD into the bank to be used as liquid collateral. If the toy company had $400K, it would not have needed a loan in the first place! As you can see we have “walked in your shoes,” and at times we have run into cash-flow challenges like almost every business. That is why C2T was born.