Our purchase order solutions are built on technology-driven underwriting and vetting process.


How it works

  1. You receive a large purchase order or multiple POs you want or need funded
  2. You complete the C2T Eligibility Form
  3. C2T quickly reviews the Eligibility Form and will send a link to the Full Application
  4. You complete the Full Application, which takes approximately 15+ minutes to complete
  5. C2T completes due diligence and underwriting on the PO(s) and your company
  6. When your organization receives approval from C2T,  we will provide funding to your manufacture to complete production of our product(s)
  7. Your manufacturer then produces and ships the goods to your customer

Steps 1 to 6 can be completed in 1 to 3 weeks depending on how quickly you 1) provide the necessary documentation for due diligence and underwriting, and 2) respond to questions from the C2T underwriting department.

What you get

  • Up to $5,000,000 financing for approved POs
  • International ‘Letters of Credit’
  • Payment on receipt of milestone documents
    • Advances up to 100% of the cost of supplies required to complete production
    • Targeted funding to reimbursement cycles of under 120 days
  • Supplier negotiations assistance
  • Preferred vendor program for qualified vendors
  • All fees disclosed up front
  • Competitive rates


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Accounts Receivable and Asset-Based Finance Programs

If you are looking for accounts receivable financing and asset-based financing, please visit our partner P2Binvestor’s website to learn more. P2Binvestor is a crowdlending platform that provides working capital loans to businesses. Loans are generally secured by an applicant’s accounts receivable or another kind of asset, such as future contractual revenues. P2Binvestor works with companies in all industries with a special focus on manufacturing, food and beverage, and technology. Contact P2Binvestor’s office at hello@p2bi.com or by phone at (720) 361-1500 to learn more. P2Bi.com


Purchase Order Finance Programs

C2T’s purchase order financing programs give companies a short-term solution for funding the production of inventory required to complete POs. We serve clients experiencing any of the following:

  • Growth is outpacing capital
  • Seasonal sales spikes are straining cash flow
  • Credit from traditional lenders are not available
  • The company can’t obtain credit from vendors
  • The company is making a transition from U.S. to foreign manufacturing
  • The overseas manufacturer needs payment assurance to start production of goods

… and your company can keep your working capital and cash reserves.

Through purchase-order finance you can fulfill sales orders, and take advantage of sales opportunities for growth. Accept big POs or multiple POs that will grow your business and help ensure your companies success, with the confidence that C2T is here to help.

“If you want additional funding to finance single or multiple PO transactions with creditworthy customers, then C2T’s PO funding options are the best solutions.”

C2T offers purchase order financing as a transaction-based funding alternative to balance sheet or formula-driven options. We also assist our clients with value-added services, such as coordinating the production logistics to ensure a smooth transition. Our PO funding solutions are not a replacement for conventional financing, they can be used alongside your existing lending facilities to handle surging capital requirements for inventory purchases often due to accelerated growth or peak seasonal sales.

  • Negotiation – Strengthen your operations team. We help manage the logistics of the transaction process. This gives you a significant advantage. Smaller companies may not have experience in buying or importing high volumes of products, or sufficient staff to handle all aspects of domestic or international production and sales transactions.
  • Expertise – Get support where you need it. Prior to agreeing to funding, the inventory purchase, delivery, and all aspects of the sales transaction are reviewed by our experts to ascertain whether or not they appear to be in compliance with transaction requirements.
  • Risk reduction – Minimize your risks in uncertain economic times. In a slowing economy, financial institutions tend to tighten lending criteria and search for other ways to reduce risk levels. We take on your additional capital requirements, often for complicated sales transactions involving considerable risk and exposure. We can help you reduce your debt exposure and give you an alternative to saying “no” to your customers, whether you have 1, 5, 20 or more purchase orders.
  • Oversight – Rely on our comprehensive overview. Our purchase order finance experts manage underwriting and provide hands-on involvement to significantly increase your opportunity to successfully complete your transactions. Our direct involvement and real-time monitoring can help minimize your risks.
  • Confidence – Working with C2T gives your sales team the knowledge and confidence that POs can be filled, and they can sell more to your current or new customers.